Life Stamina: Is it born or bred?

Habib Noorbhai (Director and Founder), The Humanitarians NPO

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We often place limits on what we can do and what we have the potential of achieving. We often underestimate how far one can go and the ultimatum of terminating or continuing. In every aspect of life, there is something called Stamina, not just sport. The aim of this inspiring, enthused and motivated talk will be geared towards what and how you can see through your desired goals, accomplishments and targets.

Art and Inspiration / Keynote / Impart wisdom / Inspiring / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #LifeStamina #AcademicStamina #Motivation #Inspiration

Best for: Designers, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Academics, Tech Savys

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

Is the 10,000 hours expert rule applicable and generic?
How do you see through something so challenging or difficult?
Why do I never seem to go pass a certain threshold?
How can I meet certain targets knowing that I might be in a field which is flooded or overly-competitive?

Speaker qualifications:

I have done a variety of motivational and inspiring talks for academics, students and entrepreneurs. The challenge we face in society is that we ultimately need to seek new ways of looking at things in order for optimal implementation to be executed. I have a turbulent upbringing with challenges and I also share how I was able to see through to these; from a small community to my current position as a Director of an NPO, Lecturer at a University and PhD candidate.

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