A digital trail of disruption with happily disrupted customers

Felix Erken (Managing Director), Junk Mail

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The online landscape is experiencing a digital trail of disruption and consumers are happily being disrupted. I’ll talk about what the future holds for the classifieds industry in the digital space and will touch on disruptive technologies that are fuelling the on-demand economy. Customers are after convenience and I’ll talk about the changes in the digital landscape that are already impacting our world and affecting our lives.

Content and Distribution / Solo / Impart wisdom / Enabling / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #digitaldisruption, #digitaleconomy, #disruptivetech, #ecommerce, #ondemand, #userexperience

Best for: Consumers, developers, app designers, marketing professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

What is digital disruption?
How does digital disruption affect consumers?
What is the on-demand economy?
What are disruptive technologies and how do they fuel the on-demand economy?
How are disruptive technologies affecting how consumers interact with brands?
How are online classifieds riding the digital wave?
What are customers’ needs in a digital disruptive world?
How can businesses retain disrupted customers?
What gives businesses a competitive edge in a digital era?

Speaker qualifications:

Felix Erken gave a talk at Tech4Africa 2014. He has also spoken at the International Classified Media Association (ICMA) conference in 2015. He is the MD and co-owner of Junk Mail, the largest local classifieds exchange in South Africa. The Junk Mail stable includes the flagship sites Junk Mail and Job Mail, as well as Auto Mart, Truck & Trailer, FreePropertyAds and Lovemail. Junk Mail recently extended its digital footprint into East and West Africa. Junk Mail is a recognised and valued member of the ICMA (International Classified Media Association) and in 2013 won the ICMA Classified Media Innovation Award for its partnership with mobile instant messaging giant, MXit.

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