FPV "drone" Racing the start of a new sport

Alan Ball (Founder), Flying Robot (Pty) Ltd

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We fly mini "drones" at high speed round short tight courses and through the smallest of gaps for fun. We fly them "First Person View" or FPV through goggles. As if we are sitting inside the miniquad. It's like pod racing from Star Wars, in real life! We hope to share the story of how we grew a community and a e-commerce store over past few months. Plus all the exciting things we have been doing for the FPV Racing community.

DIY, Hacker and Maker / Success story or case study / Tell a story / Engaging / Beginner

Event: CapeTown

Hashtags: #fpvracing, #droneracing, #rotorcross

Best for: developers, engineers, makers, hobbyists,

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

What is FPV and "drone" Racing all about and how can I get started.

Speaker qualifications:

I've been flying FPV for the past 5 years and been working in the tech scene for about 10 years. I have combined my two passions to create Flying Robot.

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