Unlocking the R3bn per annum work-from-home travel market using B2B tech: Opportunities & challenges

Rian Bornman (Founding Director), FlightSiteAgent

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Starting a business takes blood, sweat, tears…and money! Understanding that not every entrepreneur has access to heaps of cash to get going, in 2013 Rian Bornman developed FlightSiteAgent, a B2B travel platform that helps passionate entrepreneurs get off the ground with just an internet connection and a will to succeed. At Tech4Africa he will share why tapping into the R3billion p.a. work-from-home travel market will drive jobs, skills transfer and economic growth in SA and what the challenges have been.

eCommerce and Transactions / Success story or case study / Talk about success or failure in a positive way / Enabling / Intermediate

Event: CapeTown

Hashtags: #flightsiteagent, #travelstartups, #entrepreneurship, #unlockentrepreneurs, #earnfromhome

Best for: Entrepreneurs

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

How can tech help South Africans working from home make money? Can technology turn the unemployed into sustainable entrepreneurs? How can tech unlock the R3billion p.a work-from-home travel market? How can B2B technology drive entrepreneurship? What drives the adoption of a B2B technology platform? What are the challenges facing the B2B technology space in South Africa?

Speaker qualifications:

Founding Director of B2C FlightSite travel platform, it was recently named Africa's Leading Online Travel Agency by The World Travel Awards. FlightSiteAgent is its sister B2B arm and, by offering access to competitive travel products, enables entrepreneurs with a love for travel to start a business and earn from home. Holds an Executive MBA from UCT's Graduate School of Business and wrote his thesis on what drives the adoption of a B2B platform in the South African context using FlightSiteAgent as the backdrop.

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