Idea, to Innovation, to Investment: challenges and insights for international, African growth

Devin de Vries (Co-founder and CEO), WhereIsMyTransport

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Born in a garage in Cape Town, WhereIsMyTransport has just completed a major move abroad and closed an international round of funding. CEO and Co-founder Devin de Vries shares some of the insights, challenges, and lessons learned from taking an honours project dream to an international reality, especially the additional considerations, advantages, and disadvantages faced by entrepreneurs based in Africa. Come learn how we are redefining public transport in Africa and abroad, and use our insights to take your own idea to the next level.

Entrepreneurialism and Business / Success story or case study / Tell a story / Inspiring / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #publictransport, #smartcities, #whereismytransport

Best for: entrepreneurs, investors, founders,

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

How can I take my idea from vision to reality?
What are the unique challenges of growing a company in the African context, and how will they influence my trajectory?
How can I take my idea or company from a limited local pond to international scale? From Africa to the rest of the world?

Speaker qualifications:

I co-founded WhereIsMyTransport in 2008 and have been the CEO since, going from an honours project in university to a team of 18. I raised, negotiated, and closed our seed round of funding from international investors this year (and grew the company without outside capital in the intervening years). We have recently completed a move to the UK, something very few South African start-ups manage. WhereIsMyTransport was named one of the top 3 transformational technologies by the Financial Times this year, a WWF African Climate Solver, and is in the semi-final round for the Verizon Powerful Answers Awards.

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