Doing technology business virtually - we are a US based global company without a physical office. We have done projects in over 40 countries. Our business model is based on a network freelance talent in close proximity to the projects we pursue.

Nega Gebreyesus (President), Acel International

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With the expansion of technology in Africa, innovators and entrepreneurs seek opportunities beyond their country of residence. Small startup companies don;t have the capital and human infrastructure to open shops where they see opportunity. The connected world has opened up opportunities for all to venture out. It is not easy so. One has to know how navigate through the maze. We will share that experience.

Growing into Emerging Markets / Narrative Short / Tell a story / Inspiring / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #acelinternational

Other speakers: Gary Hunter

Best for: young entrepreneurs, aspiring inventors, market seekers

Speaker country: United States

Questions this session will answer:

Can small companies in Africa do business anywhere?

Speaker qualifications:

I have over 25 years in technology from development to senior management. I have also extensive experience in development work mainly in Africa. I hold terminal degree in Information Technology and high level certifications. I understand the challenges people face to operate globally. Ours is a story of innovation by a small company to operate in many countries across continents.

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