How to build your eco-system without selling your soul

Sarah Rice (Director), Batstone

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Every established industry - from Silicon Valley to Wall Street to Columbia - has an existing eco-system that supports and drives it while providing natural entrance points into the Big Important Conversations. Similarly, entrepreneurs, starts up and small businesses need to develop their own eco-systems to support them. But short of calling an ex-boyfriend whose sister had a friend who hooked up with the guy who beat up Elon in Pretoria in the 80s with the vain hope that they have kept in contact - how can the average person go about it?

Entrepreneurialism and Business / Solo / Impart wisdom / Enabling / Intermediate

Event: CapeTown

Hashtags: #EcosystemDec #Growth #BatstoneRocks

Best for: Anyone who wants to grow a sustainable business

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

* What or Who is in my eco-system?
* How to develop and grow a list of 8
* How do I meet the right people when they don't even know me yet?
* How to build an eco-system without getting out of your chair?

Speaker qualifications:

I have been working in technology communications strategy for over 15 years - from the early days of tech PR when we were still posting (I kid you not!) printed photographs to Business Day to taking 22seven to market to surviving a stint at Mxit as head of communications. I am now part of a practice of technology strategists called Batstone and most of my work is supporting client in building the right eco-system so that they get move themselves and their companies forward.

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