Single Devlopers with the Power of Big Corporations

Brent Samodien (Technical Evangelist), Microsoft

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In this new mobile-first, cloud-first world? What are we doing to support the future of business? The Cloud is designed to help organizations and developers navigate this era of more—more devices, more apps, more data, more capacity, more innovation…more speed.

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Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #Cloud #Dev #Azure

Best for: Developers, Architects, CIO

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

Why The Cloud
Security in The Cloud

Speaker qualifications:

I've been called entertaining, smart and funny and very entertaining by those who have attended my talks.
I am currently a Technology Evangelist at Microsoft focusing on Cloud Technology. I have been recognized in both 2014 and 2015 with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for Cloud Solutions.

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