Are We Human? What the Neuroscience of Empathy can Teach us about using Tech for Medical School Students.

Dr Sumarie Roodt (Senior Lecturer & Researcher), University of Cape Town

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In the world of today’s dynamic healthcare, patients are now calling for doctors who can “understand them better” before treating them. It is widely accepted that the ability of doctors to empathise with their patients is a desirable quality. However, research shows that empathy declines during medical school resulting in doctors who are less empathetic towards their patients. The talk begins with an exploration of the meaning of empathy and its underpinnings in neuroscience and shows different perspectives of whether empathy can be taught and how to teach it, with a particular emphasis of Technology-Enhanced Teaching Techniques (TETT’s).

Health and Medicine / Keynote / Impart wisdom / Inspiring / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

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Best for: Everyone who is human!

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

What is Empathy?
What happens at a neurological level?
What is the Psychology of Empathy?
Why are Doctors becoming less empathetic as they leave Medical School?
Can Empathy be Taught?

Speaker qualifications:

I have a PHD in Informatics and have spent the past 6 years conducting research dedicated to the use of technology for education.

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