Let's make Code South Africa's 12th official language. (Let's train every young African in coding skills.)

Elizabeth Gould (Co-founder & CEO), codeX

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The world has infinite demand for software developers. Africa has the world's youngest people. By 2030 it will be the largest working-age population. In the next 5-10 years, Africa's billion people will be online. So let's train Africans to build the software they and everyone else needs, for every single industry. codeX is already starting, but we want to create a movement, so Africans learn to code as early as possible.

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Event: CapeTown

Hashtags: #codeX, #SAcodes, #learntocode, #Africacodes

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Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

How do we solve youth unemployment? How do we train people for the jobs the world is hiring for? How do we help young talent jump many socio-economic levels in just one generation? How do we help our startups by making it possible to hire locally and not outsource to other continents? How do we give people the skills to solve their own problems they see in their communities, and build businesses solving Africa's problems? Code.

Speaker qualifications:

I'm the founder of codeX, training the next generation of African coders. I spent the last decade as a tech journalist and tv producer for Bloomberg Television in New York and here in Africa. I've made hundreds of shows and pieces on technology and innovation across the world. Every African entrepreneur I've interviewed has echoed the need for more technical skills on the continent. The lack of technical skills is hampering the continent's growth. It is a solvable problem. We're solving it.

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