Getting Lean Innovation to Work in Big Corporates

Maritza van den Heuvel (), Praekelt Foundation

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What are the ingredients you need to not only kickstart corporate innovation, but to sustain it and deliver tangible business results? Drawing on my recent experience as Innovation Lab Director at Pearson Education, I reflect on a number of these key enablers and how they played out in the context of the perceived sea change in education. Topics covered include Executive support, investment and funding models, separation of product development and innovation, empowered decision-making, and the very real impact of oft-ignored HR and Operational policies and practices.

Entrepreneurialism and Business / Keynote / Impart wisdom / Enabling / Intermediate

Event: CapeTown

Hashtags: #leanstartup #lean #innovationlab #corporate #innovation #enablers #digitaltransformation

Best for: CEO, product manager, programme manager, innovation lead, innovation director, CTO, software development manager

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

- How do you kickstart corporate innovation?
- How do you fund corporate innovation?
- Who should be involved in corporate innovation?
- How do corporate policies help (or hinder) innovation?
- What kind of influence and support do you need for corporate innovation?

Speaker qualifications:

Headed up the Innovation Lab at Pearson Education for 3 years, tasked with driving digital learning product and service development in the company. In the space of three years: Establishing a team from scratch, implemented Agile (Scrum), streamlined digital development process and built three digital offerings: an ecommerce site, epub ereader, mobile learning tool for high school kids, with three more in development when I left the company.

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