Vini. Video. Vinci. Why digital video is the king of content

Devon Brough (Director of Strategic Partnerships), VideoSwarm a division of HoneyKome (Ole! Media Group

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+

Presentation will cover: the power of video, the latest trends in video viewing, stats relating to video ads, looking at how video has infiltrated google, facebook, and other online platforms, the power of the vine, and how to create a digital video strategy with ads, vignettes, stories, even ongoing series – each serving to achieve the relevant objectives of the brand/publisher/corporation/organisation.

Content and Distribution / Solo / Tell a story / Enabling / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #VideoisKing, #movingstories, #VideoSwarm, #ViniVideoVinci, #OMGVideo

Other speakers: No

Best for: Publishers, Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Advertising agencies, Marketing agencies, Content Providers, Bloggers, Students looking for new careers

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

How long should a video be?
What sort of data does Video chew?
What are the best type of videos?
Where is video evolving?
Can South Africa support video advertising?
Does video lead to conversion?
Is video a real competitor for television advertising?
What are the typical rates for video?
Is there a winning formula for viral video?
What are the next steps in video?
Can video be measured?
What are the costs?
Examples of good and bad brand videos?
Can video reach the main market?
When do you tell your audience this is an advert or don't you?
What is the consumer perception to video?
is this just another fad or is it around to stay?

Speaker qualifications:

I've spent 15 years in the film and broadcast industry producing and developing conventional (and not so conventional) programmes and films. I am ridiculously passionate about developing content that people will love and want to share. I have had experience in traditional media and now new media. This is the time for storytelling with digital in particular, presenting the best option to getting the point across.

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