It takes just 3 words to address the whole world

Giles Rhys Jones (marketing director), what3words


what3words is a global grid of 3mx3m squares where each square has been pre allocated with a fixed and unique 3 word address. 75% of the world suffers from inconsistent, complicated or inadequate addressing systems affecting aid delivery, financial inclusion & legal recognition. Even in countries with advanced systems, people get lost, packages aren’t delivered and businesses aren’t found. Poor addressing is very costly & annoying in developed countries and it limits growth and threatens lives in developing ones. We have given everyone & everywhere a simple address.

Entrepreneurialism and Business / Keynote / Tell a story / Innovative / Beginner

Event: CapeTown

Hashtags: what3words

Best for: Developers, entrepreneurs, markeing directors, startups, ecommerce, delivery, aid, humanitarian, innovators

Speaker country: United Kingdom

Questions this session will answer:

How to address the world.

Speaker qualifications:

Over the past 6 months I have repositioned and advertised the company and service, gaining press coverage and partners and raising over £3M in investment.

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