Maintaining & growing a technical community

Ali Spivak (Manager, Mozilla Developer Network), Mozilla

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How do you support a diverse developer community, acknowledge many different voices and perspectives, be open and inclusive, and still get things done (especially when you can’t force anyone to do anything)? In this session, I’ll share what I’ve learned (and keep learning) by working with, in, and for volunteer communities.

Design and Development / Solo / Impart wisdom / Enabling / Beginner

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #web #opensource

Best for: developers, specifically web developers or those interested in the web

Speaker country: United States

Questions this session will answer:

How and why do people contribute to open source projects?

Speaker qualifications:

I've been working at technology companies since 1990, and developing and managing website operations since 1996. In the 3 years since I've been at Mozilla, I have helped triple Mozilla Developer Network's traffic, grow our community by 60%, and overseen a migration of our wiki platform to Django and a full site redesign.

Supporting material:

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