E-commerce- Rise Of The Techpreneurs

Massi Spalazzi (CEO Kaymu Africa), Kaymu

, LinkedIn

We live in the digital age where people spend an average of 2-5 hours on the internet daily. In the early days of e-commerce, big brands took taken advantage of digitization to target their online audience with huge budgets and expertise leaving SMEs without a fighting chance. However online forums, social media and online marketplaces are bridging the gap to provide a competitive advantage for small and medium scale enterprises.

eCommerce and Transactions / Success story or case study / Tell a story / Enabling / Intermediate

Event: Lagos

Hashtags: #RiseOfTheTechpreneurs

Other speakers: Evangeline Wiles

Kayode Adeyinka

Best for: entrepreneurs

Speaker country: Nigeria

Questions this session will answer:

- How to successfully run an online business with little or no capital
- How to use new media to drive small and medium scale enterprises
- How to maximize a brands reach and revenue online
- How SMEs can appropriately position themselves using new technologies

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