Document disconnect: How technology can combat document fraud

Simon Bromfield: Adobe Territory Account Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa (Adobe Territory Account Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa), Adobe

According to a recent report, one in three African businesses has experienced economic crime in one form or another. In fact, Africa has the highest fraud rate in comparison to global counterparts, which stands at 69% versus 37%. These frightening statistics indicates that security measures need to be a top priority; however 80% of employees are still partially reliant on paper in everyday work life. This results in a document disconnect and a huge opportunity for fraudsters, as the sequential journey of the signing a document is often flawed. Is it time for Africa to fully digitize the process?

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Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #AdobeDocumentCloud #documentdisconnect

Best for: CIOs, C-Suite, Business and industry leaders

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

Simon Bromfield, Adobe Territory Account Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa would like to address the following questions:
-How can companies embark on the journey to digitizing the signing process
-What are the security measures that need to be in place to overcome fraud and address the “last mile” of the Disconnected document.

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