Connecting the Next 5 Billion. Free Internet For the World.

Derek Kopke (Executive Vice President, International Business Development), DataWind Inc

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The greatest equalizer in the world is Internet Access. Small businesses in Africa can reach the world through this medium. DataWind has the solution to make the internet free to millions of Africans and billions of people in the developing world and has already started implementing this solution in parts of Africa and India. We’ll review the Impact that that the internet, and low cost PC's are having on education and commerce in the developing world.

Growing into Emerging Markets / Keynote / Tell a story / Inspiring / Beginner

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #datawind , #bridgingthedigitaldivide #connectingtheworld

Best for: Students, world changers, business types

Speaker country: Canada

Questions this session will answer:

How do you get the world's lowest income earners access to the internet? How can the world be changed by low cost PC's and free internet?

Speaker qualifications:

Derek Kopke gave a talk at Tech4Africa in 2013. He has also spoken at the ITU World Youth Summit in Costa Rica and several education and tech conferences globally

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