Always-on learning - the secret ingredient to Digital Marketing success

Louis Janse van Rensburg (Director of Johannesburg), World Wide Creative

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Taste-test, collaborate, create - embrace a culture of learning and sharing - these are some of the traits of modern-day marketers making sense and staying ahead in the multi-faceted world of digital marketing. - The Marketing Landscape in 2015 and beyond - Creating a learn-&-share culture (internal) - Marketing through sharing (external) - Lessons from Heavy Chefs around the world

Digital Domain / Solo / Impart wisdom / Inspiring / Intermediate

Event: CapeTown

Hashtags: #wwcteam #heavychef

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Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

What the importance of continually learning is in the digital industry?

Speaker qualifications:

Louis is the Johannesburg Director at leading digital marketing agency World Wide Creative and member of the Heavy Chef education initiative. Louis is also known as the ‘Connecting-The-Dots Guy’ with an encyclopaedic knowledge of research to support the strategies and initiatives with which he is involved. He has led digital strategies for various brands including Hyundai, iStore, Virgin Mobile South Africa, The Thabo Mbeki Foundation, Exclusive Books, RMB Private Bank and African Bank.

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