Life is a journey and has too many questions but few answers, but all answers are written in the pages of our hearts.

Yongama Levertte (COO and EVENTS ORGANISER/MANAGER), Zweyo Indelible Displays Management (Pty) LTD

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I am not here to answer questions but to evoke debate from within the person in the audience, and to help them answer questions about identity, life a journey of discovery. mindset and the heart. i believe each and every one of us has answers to the questions looming in our heads, we only need to unleash them in order to live a wonderful and happy life.

Social and Relationships / Solo / Talk about success or failure in a positive way / Engaging / Beginner

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #TalkTimeSA

Other speakers: Nomsa Buthelezi
Mr Dangerous

Best for: Youth

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

Identity, Self worth, Abilities, Stop relying on government for handouts. need for self approval from others. happiness, joy, success, self esteem issues. social ills such as drug and substance abuse, teen pregnancy, Hiv/aids.

Speaker qualifications:

i have spent the last two years giving talks, motivational talks in different high schools across Johannesburg and it has been a journey fulfilling. this year 2015 we have expanded to Durban in a small town called Verulam where we have touched so many lives of young people. giving their lives a meaning and a purpose for livng.

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