CloudGate simplifies: Hybrid Cars, Hybrid Power, Hybrid Computing

Brian Timperley (Managing Director), Cloudware

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The benefits of a 'hybrid' are very apparent: it helps you leverage the best of both worlds within a complex environment. Hybrid cars combine the power of combustion engines with the economy of electric motors. Given South Africa's recent energy troubles, 'hybrid power' - augmenting electricity from the grid with renewable energy - has become increasingly relevant. CloudGate simplifies 'hybrid computing', a powerful combination offering the benefits of both localised computing and cloud computing. So users get their personalised settings, apps, and more, while, businesses benefit from increased security, lower unit and maintenance costs, and reduced power consumption.

Digital Domain / Showcase / Talk about success or failure in a positive way / Innovative / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #CloudGate

Other speakers: Jonathan Young

Best for: SMEs, Geeks, Call centres, everyone

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

How is this different to thin clients?
Why not laptops?
What about BYOD - why not just let employees just use their own devices?

Speaker qualifications:

CloudGate is a South African product. CloudGate solution can provide users with access to a range of applications, has the capability to address the needs of those familiar with Microsoft Windows, and can easily be upgraded.

“We wanted people to have the option of operating on a large screen format with a keyboard and mouse outside of the tablet infrastructure that we already have. CloudGate is a world-class product that is well supported and has a beautiful growth path"

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