How to make it and not to make it in Africa

Nils K├Ârber (CIO), One Africa Media

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Personal learnings, failures and some success stories from almost a decade in tech on the big African continent presented by a Germany boy who shaped the African eCommerce landscape (a little).

Learning from Developed Markets / Solo / Tell a story / Inspiring / Beginner

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #business, #africa, #learnings, #growth, #ecommerce, #marketplaces, #expat

Best for: entrepreneurs, project managers, founders

Speaker country: Germany

Questions this session will answer:

Can I take a blueprint of successful American or European tech business models and apply them to African markets? How do African tech markets work? What are the differences between the African countries?

Speaker qualifications:

I've spoken at Tech4Africa in Johannesburg before (2013) and get often invited to speak at events. For example the IT-Leaders summit, CIO summit, SEEK International conference etc etc.

Supporting material:

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