Lessons Learned Crowdsourcing and Crowdmapping Xenophobia Related Incident Data in South Africa

Tefo Mohapi (Co-Founder), iAfrikan

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A walk through of how reportxenophobia.iafrikan.com project started and was carried out. Lessons learned and the way forward. A look at the tools and methods used to crowdsource and crowdmap the incident data as well as analysis of data collected.

Government and Civic Engagement / Success story or case study / Tell a story / Innovative / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #ReportXenophobia

Best for: Developers, Designers, Data Scientists, NGOs, Public Sector

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

How to engage lower income communities in South Africa.

Problems relating to incident mapping and crowdsourcing and how to overcome them.

Supporting material:


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