The Internet Of Things for business - Beyond the hype

Hein Koen (Co-Founder), Nervedata

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The Internet Of Things. Probably the most over-hyped technology trend in recent memory. Gadgets, tools and platforms... but what does this mean for "normal" businesses? Will it really live up to the hype, and deliver the returns it promises? I will take the audience through the actual stories of how 3 South Africa business have implemented and used IoT technologies. I will also highlight the pitfalls, the hype and reality.

Entrepreneurialism and Business / Success story or case study / Tell a story / Innovative / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #IoT #innovation #connectedworld

Other speakers: No

Best for: Business owners, developers

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

How should you apply IoT technology to existing businesses?
How do you distinguish between gadgets, fads and real technology with long-term ROI?
What should you look out for when looking for technology solutions?
What if my business doesn't join the flock... will I be missing out?

Speaker qualifications:

I cannot write a single line of code. But this is the third technology company that I have co-founded. I like to play at the intersection of technology and real life. That part that needs translation to both sides. I love conceptualising products, packaging them, pricing them and taking them to market.

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