A UX approach: innovation for marginalized communities

Maureen Macharia (User Experience Researcher and Designer), iHub Nairobi

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My journey as a UX practitioner applying human centered design techniques to problem solve for marginalized communities in rural parts of Kenya. The good, the bad and more often ugly of it all. Fueled by the belief that Africa needs contextualized design to its problems.

Design and Development / Success story or case study / Talk about success or failure in a positive way / Enabling / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

Best for: UX designers, Community developers, Project managers

Speaker country: Kenya

Questions this session will answer:

How did we apply UX/ HCD to highlight and solve problems for rural communities?
What challenges did we face and how did we overcome them?
What trends are we seeing among the communities in question?

Speaker qualifications:

I have spent the last year researching problems among poor and marginalized communities with the aim of applying a UX design thinking approach in problem solving and creating opportunities for innovation among them.

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