What's Next : An exploration of the past , present and future of Social Media and how it affects a Business's bottom line.

Tavonga Musingarabwi (Digital Strategist), Flint Studio

Twitter, LinkedIn

An engaging talk on the Evolution of Social Media and how it has affected the product development lifecycle as well as customer adaption models. The talk will give insight on the future states of Social Media as well as give Business and Start Ups tips on how to leverage Social Media in their go to market strategies. It will also explore Dunbar's Number and why it is important for any business , person or brand to always be aware of it in any of their activities in the market.

Digital Domain / Keynote / Impart wisdom / Engaging / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #whatsnext

Best for: Developers, Social Media Strategists, Entrepreneurs ,

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

-Why is Social Media important for my business?
-Where is Social Media going to go in the future?
-How to monetise Social Media?
-How to launch products on Social Media?
-How to build an app using Social Media?
-How to create the next Disruptive Innovation?

Speaker qualifications:

I have worked in the Digital Industry for close to a decade and have worked with huge brands such as FNB, Lowe and Grid amongst many others as a strategist and have seen them attain success in terms of their objectives. I am an enthusiast of technology and all things Digital and believe that Africa requires it's own unique technologies and strategies that will differ from other continents. Africa is literally rewriting the world of Digital as we know it . As a strategist I bring unique insights and strategies that are purely meant for the bold and the daring.

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