How not to build an internship program

Tshepiso Theletsane (Talent & Operations Manager), ClickMaven

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As ClickMaven, we don’t do jobs. We do mastery and purpose.
We've created an internship program that equips digitally savvy graduates with the skills they need in order to make their mark in the industry.Using a highly structured 6-month internship we equip them with technical and business acumen skills.
We aim to inspire and assist other agencies to develop programs/opportunities where they can bridge the skills gap

Entrepreneurialism and Business / Success story or case study / Talk about success or failure in a positive way / Enabling / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #superintern #superteam #clickmaven #clickmavensuperintern #CMSuperIntern

Best for: entrepreneurs, startups, agencies, small business owners.

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

How to hire in a manner that ensures shared vision How to recruit effectively. How to grow your start-up. How to use internships to recruit the best employees. How to hire, for small businesses

Speaker qualifications:

I am a professional Talent & Operations Manager at ClickMaven and I have run the internship program at ClickMaven.

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