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daud nur (founder and CEO), fastvan

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Fastvan is revolutionizing and reinventing logistic’s by moving it entirely online and to mobile devices, bringing greater automation, transparency and efficiency to this traditionally inefficient shipping industry. Fastvan platform lets businesses order a courier service or removal service on demand, and drivers accept the job via our mobile app or desktop (fastvan.co.za). Once accepted, customers can then follow their van/truck in real time, all the way through delivery. We offer competitive rates, a superior customer experience, and automatic billing, making local logistics easier than ever before. Fastvan is a real-time on demand network for Local courier Availability

Mobile in Emerging Markets / Solo / Tell a story / Innovative / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: https://twitter.com/FastVanAfrica

Other speakers: no

Best for: software engineers, developers, solution architects, managers, couriers, SME's, individuals

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

logistics and transportation
courier for individuals without having an account and still get low rates on demand

how on demand logistics app fastvan is easy to use and user interface is simple, how effecient, effective and time saving it is, and how transparent the app lets you track all your delivery requests in real time as well get getting notified all the way on international deliveries.

much more.

Speaker qualifications:

15 years in management, built and managed companies in IT sector as well as hardware in Africa in charge of growing the revenue to 10million rand on first 18 months.

build the fastvan app from scratch and its the only one in the world which has innovative workflow and design as well as features and covers national and international courier as well as removal services, On demand concept is a multi biillion USD business where Uber is 5 years of existence is valued close to 50 billion USD now.

Supporting material:

yes we do have, all presentation material and app designs and prototype developed by my team in San francisco USA,

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