Making the makers OR the tale of a serendipitous quest to build a quintessential makerspace

Wiebke Toussaint (Problem solver), Freelance


On a bitter cold winter afternoon I strolled through the streets of Maboneng and stumbled upon a most fantastical location: a place where engineering meets the arts, where design sits next to electronic sensors, where the promise of roasted coffee and freshly baked bread contest for air space. Below, a forlorn boxing gym holds the greatest secret. Empty space, gray walls and a colourful mural. The reincarnation of a dream to build a space where engineers flourish and that designers relish. Now the space is mine and the makerspace will be yours. Help me envision what this space can be!

DIY, Hacker and Maker / Sessions / Tell a story / Engaging / Intermediate

Event: Johannesburg

Hashtags: #makerspace, #Maboneng, #injies, #engineering, #CoolTools

Best for: engineers, technologists, makers, designers, architects, creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, manufactures, injies

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

In a world with no limits, what would your ideal makerspace look like? What kind of place will allow you to dream, create, inspire, collaborate, meet and turn ideas into action? Stop waiting and journey with me to make it real!

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