What's the headline? There should be a central focus you can communicate succinctly.

Try to explain the central idea of the session in one sentance. You've only got 10 seconds to get attention.
You can submit ideas for any events. You must submit a new session for each event.
We're looking for authentic content which interests people. We're not looking for overt sales pitches or company updates. The best content tells a story, gives wisdom, or entertains us. Curation will be heavily slanted towards content that achieves this.
Are you flying Han Solo, or bringing the team along? Are you a Keynoter, or is a workshop more your style?
Be realistic about who your content will appeal to. As a rule, we're looking for content which gives value across the experience spectrum.
Pick your theme. There are so many to choose from, and so many tribes to speak to, there's something for everyone.
We're looking for content which does one of the above, which is why sales pitches and death by powerpoint are frowned upon.
We'll encourage your audience to use the hashtags during your session, so make them short and easy to use ;-)
Who are you most likely to appeal to in your session?
Try to summarise in as short and succinct a way as possible. Make it easy to digest. Explain why someone should attend your session. DO NOT simply describe you rproduct / service, that's poor form.
When your audience sits down to listen, what questions are you going to answer for them?
Full name please. If you are submitting for someone, please use their name and not yours, as this goes directly onto the Tech4Africa site.
Please list any other speakers or collaborators here, one per line, so we can see who your team is.
You don't have to speak on behalf of your company if you don't want to, but it's good for everyone else to know where you work regardless.
Again, not essential, but is good for everyone else to know what you do so they can put your session in context.
Must be valid URL. Free publicity. Can be any website related to the session.
Last year we received submissions from over 30 countries. We're excited that this is happening, and would love to hear from people all over the world.
Essential for contacting you. Will remain private and will not be displayed anywhere. Please use country code.
What material do you have online that can support your submission? Could be code, videos, presos, decks, Dropbox files - anything that will help to support your submission.
If you have a story to tell, then it's important you get across why someone should listen. Likewise, if you are imparting wisdom, then how have you gained this wisdom, and if you are entertaining then try show why people would enjoy your talk.
Can be any event, meetup, conference, user group, etc - we're just trying to place your involvement in your community. If you have spoken at these events before, please mention that too.
Helps us to understand whether you require travel assistance to speak at Tech4Africa, or whether you are going to be in South Africa anyways. Please note that whilst we do invite some speakers to speak, and we do cover some travel costs, we aren't able to cover travel for everyone.
Before you send your submission, please give it a once over, then get someone to look give it a pre-flight check to make sure it's all good. After that, send away! Your submission will be reviewed, and then made live so that people can vote. Unfortunately the bad citizens of the internet make the good citizens use CAPTCHA's like the one below so that robots don't pollute the internet. So please make sure you fill in this reCAPTCHA so that your submissions wings it's way to us safely.
Thanks, and stay safe people. It's a zoo out there.

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