Great content

Tells a Story

The most powerful content comes from a personal story which the audience can relate to. Craft your session idea around personal experiences, lessons and how others can benefit from listening to you.

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Imparts wisdom

It's often thought that we don't have anything to teach, however the reality is that we all have something to teach and/or learn in whatever skillset you choose. So think about the things you can teach and explain - there will always be someone to learn from you!

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The most enjoyable content keeps people on the edge of their chairs from start to finish. You don't have to be a comedian (or you could be!), but we all have funny stories which anyone can relate to. Bring that out in your session so it's lively and interesting.

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A Manifesto. Of sorts.

Great content. The kind people talk about.
Inspiring. People, products and projects.
Networks. Where substance trumps style.
Death by PowerPoint. Clowned upon.
Progress. The other side of failure.
Programming. The new literacy.
Fun. It isn't work if it's fun.
Suits & ties. Frowned upon.

Everyone is welcome. There are no sacred cows.

We're looking for content from across the technology universe, up and down all technology stacks, and from people with all levels of experience. Don't be shy, everyone has something to contribute!

And lastly, meet people just like you. You'll be surprised at how many new people you meet.

When you spend your days and weeks beavering away at the next release, it's harder and harder to meet new people, just like you. Who understand you. Who can listen, talk and challenge you. Submit your session, you'll meet at least 10 new people afterwards, promise.

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